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At tool to help you with the DOUGHNUT HOLE

A new interactive AARP online tool can help people postpone or even avoid the “doughnut hole” – the gap in the Medicare Part D coverage when the beneficiaries must pay 100 percent of the cost of their medications out of their own pocket.

The easy to use online calculator allows you to plug in your health plan, medications, and zip code for a customized report on how long your coverage will last before you fall into the hole. The tool automatically lists least expensive medication alternatives and lets you print a letter with your medication options in both English and Spanish to give to your doctor.

Privacy? No worries. Any information plugged into the tool disappears as soon as you exit the calculator. Try it out here: 
Doughnut Hole Calculator
From AARP Bulletin dated July-August 2009 Vol 50 No. 6

Below is a list of some of the most commonly prescribed drugs and links for more information

Aciphex Actonel Actos Advair Aggrenox AmbienCR Androgel Aricept Avalox Avandia Avapro Avodart Benicar
Boniva Botox Byetta Bystolic Caduet Celebrex Celexa Chantix Cialis Clarinex CoregCR Cozaar Crestor Cymbalta
Diovan Exforge Flomax Humalog Januvia Lantus Levaquin Levitra Lexapro Lipitor Lovaza Lunesta Lyrica Micardis Mirapex
Moxatag Namenda NasacortAQ Nasonex Nexium Onglyza Plavix Prevacid Protonix Provigil Savella SeroquelXR Singulair
Spiriva Symbicort Tamiflu Tekturna Valtrex Viagra Vytorin Xyzal Zetia