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MicroVas Healing Therapy

MicroVas -Non-Invasive Vascular Treatment

  • Pain Syndromes
  • Neuropathy
  • Wound Healing
  • and much more

About MicroVas

The MicroVas® Treatment System has received FDA 510-K clearance, and is a patented, non-invasive vascular treatment device delivering electromagnetic energy to targeted areas within the human body. MicroVas delivers a powerful, deeply penetrating waveform that causes blood to pump more efficiently through the microcirculation (drain the venous beds and raise tissue oxygen levels) in damaged tissue to accelerate the healing process. MicroVas’ therapeutic effects are dramatic and lasting. Healthcare professionals who are familiar with MicroVas consider it an important new tool in the treatment of neuropathy, non-healing wounds, repetitive motion disorders, fibromyalgia, common sports injuries and many other conditions related to vascular insufficiency. MicroVas® is a registered trademark.

Features and Benefits:

  • Elevates blood flow and tissue oxygenation in the treatment area
  • Accelerates lymphatic drainage
  • Compatible with conventional wound care
  • Non-invasive, high patient comfort
  • >Promotes angiogenesis
  • Reimbursement by major insurance carriers and Medicare
  • Broad application for pain & healing

Peripheral Neuropathy

Most of the possible mechanisms in the pathogenesis of neuropathy results in ischemia, and the resultant hypoxia are, in every case, a major causative agent in the degradation of axonal. The MicroVas Vascular Treatment System incoporates a faradic magnetic waveform, delivered by emitter pads (electrodes) transcutaneously, to obtain full muscle fiber penetration in order to achieve deep muscle stimulation, lymphatic stimulation, and restore calf pump mechanical function, which causes blood to pump more efficiently and increase blood perfusion to upper and lower extremities to ultimately rejuvinate nerve function which had been damaged by the diabetic or non-diabetic peripheral neuropathy.


— Non-healing Wounds —

Of all mechanisms in the pathogenesis of wounds, ischemia and resultant hypoxia it causes is the largest obstacle to healing. The medical profession has been battling ischemia / hypoxia with vasodilators, growth factors, heating modalities, infrared light, and hyperbaric oxygen. The MicroVas Vascular Treatment System is a physical medicine modality which addresses the problem from a different perspective; working directly and mechanically to elevate blood flow through neuromuscular stimulation of the venous muscle pump. MicroVas vascular therapy can help correct tissue hypoxia to a level that facilitates the demands of the wound and promotes angiogenesis, fibroplasias and epthethlialization.


— Sports Injuries —

The MicroVas Vascular Treatment System has been dramatically effective treating sports injuries in terms of pain alleviation as well as accelerated healing of inflamed muscle tissue and reduction of swelling. MicroVas vascular therapy stimulates the lymphatic system to upregulate drainage, decrease swelling

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