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Insurance Options

Our services are covered by most insurance carriers, these include but not limited to:


Blue Cross BlueShield of Florida





Versatile Medical Billing Service


We Proudly Accept the Ameriplan Discount Program: This Program provides discounts to your fees in our office. Please Visit The Ameriplan Discount Programs Website for more information and you can easily download the Application Here On our Website to Take advantage of their offers. (This is a discount program, not a medical insurance, please read all Information carefully before subscribing to the plan)

Click Here to Download the Ameriplan Discount Program Application

discount medical programs
Access to Care Information

If you have No Health Care Coverage or have a High Deductible, to serve you better,we have created our:

Access to Care Program.

This plan provides access to medical care for an entire year with next to zero extra out of pocket expenses. Imagine being able to visit your medical provider for an entire year and never worrying about paying an extra cent or leaving the office with a bill to pay. We have numerous types of plans to choose from depending upon your situation and medical needs. We are able to cater to most budgets and have the ability to create specialized packages for individual needs. Please inquire about this plan. This plan is not an insurance program.